Minilux® Bag Slitters The food-grade Minilux® Bag Slitters are the safest way to open bags containing food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural products. It helps reduce bacteria and allergens contamination. Learn More
TBS 1000 The Twin Blade Automatic Bag Slitter (TBS 1000) is a highly efficient compacted machine. It opens bags of up to 110 lb at a rate of 6-8 bags per minute. Smaller than the TBS 3000, it fits in most spaces. Learn More
TBS 3000 The Twin Blade Automatic Bag Slitter (TBS 3000) has a heavy-duty construction. It is a highly efficient slitters capable of opening up to 8 bags per hour. It opens most bags types up to 200 lb. Learn More
Ancillary Equipment Automatic Bag Slitters can be equipped with ancillary equipment that enhances and increases the productivity of the machine: dust filters, bag compactors, bag crushers, bag elevators, and more. Learn More